Saturday, December 9, 2017

An Adventure in Acquiring an Accuquilt 2" Cutting Die

31 Day Blogging Challenge Day 9!

I accomplished cutting my pieces!  After arriving home from work (it was a very frustrating day in third grade), we realized we had no 2" die for the GO BIG! cutter.  Sigh...what to do?  I certainly didn't want to cut ALL those 2" squares by hand...

So we called our local quilt shop that is an Accuquilt dealer, Sew With Me.  They had one and were open another hour.  Could we make it through traffic?  Google maps said traffic was light, so my mom and I went for it.  We got there with 25 minutes to spare only to find out we'd called their sister location in Stillwater, not Woodbury, and the Woodbury store didn't have that die.  So they called Stillwater and asked if they'd stay open a few minutes late to wait for us.

Oh, did I mention the main freeway between the two stores is closed?  A little problem with a burst water pipe and a sinkhole!?  Fortunately, the lady at Woodbury gave me AMAZING directions and we made it to the new store about 10 minutes after closing and acquired the needed die....and a few more tans for the mystery too!  

Image result for millennium falcon looks like snow

Then on the way home we ran into a snow squall and the gas light came on.  The driving reminded me of the scene where the Millennium Falcon of Star Wars flies into hyperspace and it looks like a snow storm! A stop was made to refill the car and we continued on our way home where mom and I were finally successful in getting our pieces cut.

Now to mark all those lines...

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Luckily you were in a spot to refill that gas - standed in a snow squall would not be fun or safe.

    1. So true. We were in the suburbs, so it wasn't too hard to find a gas station. We didn't think we'd be driving that far!