Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Clam Flower #10 - Part 1

How did I already get to ten of these lovely flowers?!  Wow.  Here is number ten.  If you look at the orange striped batik in this block you can see that I stitched across between the petals.  I knew that a darker piece was going to cover that so I did it to make it easier on myself.

The back of layer 1

The front of layer one.  I love the shape of these leaves! 

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. How clever to stitch across! I have enjoyed seeing your blocks come together. Simply adore these colors, and the lovely gentle curves to the shapes. It will be so wonderful when it all comes together. Thanks for linking up to Wednesday Wait Loss!

  2. This is a fun start to your block! I really like the bright colors.

  3. Even though it is simple zig zag, I know it is tedious and you have done a great job with the curves and turns!

  4. Looks like a very interesting work in progress.

  5. I've really enjoyed seeing your progress on these blocks - they are very pretty!