Friday, January 13, 2017

Free Motion Friday - Braid

This week I wanted to do a simple design that could fit well in sashings and small borders.  This design is a Braid.  You can find the written directions here.

Start at the middle of the skinny end of your rectangle.

Stitch to the right edge, then stitch back to the center.  Then stitch to the left side and back to the center.

Stitch down about 1 inch on the right.  Then stitch to the left edge and back.

Stitch down about 1 in to the left and then stitch to the right edge and back again.  Repeat this process.

Adding another layer to the stitching.

And the final product!

If you wanted to really go all out you could quilt a different design in each section....but it might be a little much?

I hope you get to quilt today!

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