Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Curvy Binding Part 2

As I sat and stitched down this curvy binding I realized a couple of things I want to try in the future:

1.  Would a thicker binding help?  Perhaps a 1/2 inch binding instead of a 1/4 inch binding.  (It is a single fold binding)
2.  I cut into the interior points while I was putting on the binding.  Would it turn out better if I didn't do this?

Food for thought for next time.  You can see that the interior point doesn't lay well.  I tried to pull it in and stitch it down in a miter, but there wasn't enough fabric to make it work well.

If you look at the left interior point and the right interior point below you can see that they are vastly different shapes.  One more rounded the other nice and point.   Thing to work on...

Since I didn't want to block and flatten the quilt when I was done I used an Eraser Pen to get rid of all the blue marks.  It worked great!

The final table topper.  I love it even though it's not perfect!  One thing I have definitely learned in doing my blog is that not everything I quilt has to be perfect.  That's okay and it's even more fun that way!

I hope you get to quilt today!

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