Monday, October 19, 2015

Inspiration from Europe...Now if only I could find the Picture

I know I started this drawing based on a photograph I took in Europe.  However, I can't find the original photograph.  It is lost somewhere among the 1,000 or so pictures I took over the two weeks when I was there.

Here is the progression of the design:

I didn't like the shape of the curl and decided to make it more curvy. 


 Now I traced the image using a light box.  I tried adding an additional curve inside it, but wasn't happy with it.

I tried adding a shape going up.  Not happy with it. 

I put a small shape on the inside, but it didn't feel big enough or strong enough compared to the existing shape. 

Possibilities for the bottom of the shape. 

Now I add in a larger interior shape. 

Should I change the shape at the top?   

 Adapting the shape at the bottom to make it more interesting.

Can I add in more shapes?  No...they really don't work.

I like this flower.  It's interesting, however, it is rather large in size and I'm not sure how to arrange them.  I'll have to play with a mirror and figure out how many repeats to do in a circle.  Eight?  Twelve like a clock?  That would make this pattern VERY large.  Perhaps not.  Obviously I need to think more about what to do with it, but overall I am happy for now.


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