Saturday, October 3, 2015

Picking Fabric for the Butterfly Body

I've been working on picking fabric for my butterfly wings and chose an amazing striped batik. I started by turning the pattern upside down before tracing the shapes on fusible.  I know fused shapes are reversed, so I had to turn the pattern upside down so that when traced and stuck to fabric they would turn out right side up.

Next, I carefully placed my pieces on the striped batik so that I got as many stripes as possible across each piece.  I did this on top of a light box so I could see through the fabric to see where the stripes were.

Now I had the butterfly shown below.

Now it was time to pick the fabric for the body of the butterfly.  I started with the dark purple shown below.  It's so dark it's almost black.  I was sure it was going to be the perfect choice.  However, once I'd cut out the pieces I felt it was too dark. 

Back to the drawing board and time to test out new ideas.  I laid fabrics on top of the butterfly wing pieces to test out which fabric I liked the best.  Here are a few of ideas.

I ended up choosing the top fabric shown here.  I probably tired 10-15 fabrics total before picking the pink.  Then I cut out the new shapes and tried it out.  I'm very happy with the finished results!


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