Monday, October 5, 2015

Pushing Myself Creatively

I am that girl that stops and takes pictures everywhere.  You never know what inspiration is going to turn into a project.  I'm finding that documenting my inspirations and creating new projects for this blog is really pushing my creativity in a good way.  I find myself designing and being creative more than I have been for awhile and it's lifting my spirits.  I'm pushing myself more and noticing more around me.  Though sometimes my students wonder why I'm staring at their shirts...

I spend a lot of time working on show quilts and it's nice to be able to do something smaller in size.  This also allows me to do more projects, though I seem to be getting a backlog of things to quilt.  I'll have to catch up!

I took this picture in the bathroom at CRAVE at the Galleria in Edina, Minnesota.  I love the symmetry.  If I had to pick a quilting "aesthetic" to describe myself like they do on Project Runway (totally addicted), it would be symmetrical design.  There's just sometime about symmetry that I am immediately attracted to.  I especially like it when it's more complex.  This design has 12-fold symmetry and I think it's fantastic.  It would be a challenge to create because assuring you get it symmetrical is important and requires a lot of careful marking.  I think the overall results are worth it in the end though.



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