Thursday, July 30, 2015

Achieving a Goal

There are many things that I would like to accomplish in my lifetime.  Some of them are related to quilting and some are not.  I have reached a couple of them lately.

The first was visiting where my mother and grandmother were born: Budapest, Hungary.   I also got to meet distant relatives there which is something I had not expected and it was fantastic.

Second, I have always aspired to win a ribbon in an American Quilters Society show.  I won three of them when they had a young designers category in Paducah.  This week I won my first ribbon against stiff competition in an AQS show in Syracuse, New York.   My quilt Harmony's Loop took third place in its category behind Janet Stone and Joanne Baeth who are both amazing quilters.  I was surprised and overjoyed.

When I enter a contest I don't expect to win. I always hope to won, but sometimes I do and I sometimes I don't. So when I win it's always exciting! Now I am invigorated to finish up my current competition quilt.



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