Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Spanish Synagogue, Prague, Czech Republic

My favorite building is still St. Matthias' Church in Budapest, Hungary.  However, I found The Spanish Synagogue in Prague in the Czech Republic just as intriguing.  A lot of the ornament was cut out of wood about a quarter inch thick. It was also all painted.  Again I took many pictures.

The building's decoration was originally designed by two architects.  It was used as a storehouse for confiscated Jewish goods during World War Two and then fell into disrepair.  The renovation was completed in 1998.

Here you can see the thickness of
the carving.

The pipe organ

The ornament surrouding the lower section of the dome.

Detail of the pipe organ

The window above the main altar

Detail of a painted glass window

I know it is hard to see, but I love this ornament painted on the wall.

I am going to miss all this European inspiration!


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