Friday, April 19, 2019

Island Batik Ambassadors Ready. Set. Go! Baby Challenge Part 3 - The Quilting

My Island Batik Ambassador's Ready. Set. GO! Challenge Baby Quilt is done!

 See the cutting post and the piecing post.

I of course, cut all the pieces using my amazing Accuquilt GO! Big cutter.  It's amazing how quickly one can cut pieces!

Now on to the quilting!  I like to pick my threads by laying them on the quilt and seeing how they look.  Aurifil threads are my favorite to both piece and to quilt with.

I decided to quilt large feathers in the cream areas because they would really stand out.  

I ended up making a square around the edge with feathers and then doing this feathered wreath in the center square.

Here you can see how one feathered area flows into the next.  It's always nice when quilting is continuous and you don't have to stop and start.

My batting?  Hobbs 80/20 blend.  It's my favorite for quilts because it's light.  Just perfect for a baby quilt.

I love the rings of green diamonds that show up in the quilt.  They're my favorite part.

Thanks to Island Batik, Hobbs, Accuquilt, and Aurifil for all the amazing product I used to make this quilt!  It was such fun.

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Wow! Love the way the feathers move through the quilt. It is fabulous.

  2. Gorgeous! Lovely color, and the quilting is amazing!

  3. I love the blue/green combination with the little shots of black. Your quilting finishes the quilt so well!

  4. Lovely: blue and green are so refreshing together and your feathers are beautiful.

  5. Lovely for either a boy or girl. I prefer quilts for babies that don't use childlike fabrics.

  6. Stunning, and those colours together, gorgeous, Feathers, perfect for all the blocks.

  7. What a lovely fresh quilt, and your quilting is very smooth too. Thank you for linking up to the Peacock Party.