Friday, November 16, 2018

Free Motion Friday - A Three Motif Challenge from Lori Kennedy

Yesterday Lori Kennedy of the Inbox Jaunt issued a doodling challenge.  She suggested you combine three motifs and some background fills to complete a design.

I picked her Honeycomb Leaf, Fantasy Flower and my own Websterclams.  I decided to start with a frame of Websterclams.

Then I added a fantasy flower in the center.

I decided it needed an outline.

Then I added four Honeycomb Leaves.

They too needed an outline.

And some partial Fantasy Flowers.  I love it at this point.

I did an echo inside the clams.

Then doubled that echo....not my favorite, but you can't erase sharpie and it's just a doodle.

Now for a background.  Wavy lines.  Ick.  They get lost.

Make the waves look more like cross hatching by going in both directions?  Ick too.

Straight lines?  Better.  You can see the motifs more.

Bubbles.  They're okay.  But they'd be better at a smaller scale I think.

Lots of echoing in the last corner?  Eh.  It's okay, but not great.  It goes to show that the background fill can really make or break motifs!

I hope you get to quilt and doodle today!


  1. I saw Lori's post too - it looks like you've had a bit of fun. Your doodles look great. As you say, interesting to see the differing effects the different backgroud fills have.

  2. I know what you need on your Christmas list, Suzy! An iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil. I do all of my quilt doodling on my iPad, every Sunday during the sermon (shhh -- I'm "taking sermon notes!"). I can change my line thickness, change colors, and erase whatever I want, and never ever run out of paper... I think your design looks pretty cool, and I love your Websterclams!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Love that you took us through your thought process.