Friday, September 15, 2017

Free Motion Friday - Quilting Vintage Part 1

My grandmother and my cousin went to Hungary, where my grandmother was born, after we graduated from college (we were born 12 days apart).  She brought me back a gorgeous dresser scarf of traditional Hungarian Embroidery.  I love it and knew I wanted to quilt it.  

I purchased a piece of light blue satin at my local Joann's for the background.  I love the way it shows through the holes in the embroidery.

I started off with the outlined shape you see below.  I then used a grid stencil and purple air erase marker to mark a grid.  I used air erase because I didn't know if the embroidery threads would bleed if the dresser scarf got wet.

Now it was time to figure out what shape I wanted to use on the grid.  I use a piece of thin plastic and a sharpie to try design possibilities.    

Here are two ideas I came up with.  I decided that I liked the one with the pebbles the best.

I traced the outlines of the design onto the fabric and was ready to stitch.

Here it is all stitched out.  There are still purple marks as they haven't all erased yet so it's hard to see.

It's much easier to see on the back.  So lovely!

Be sure to come back for the next few weeks to see all the steps to creating this piece!

I hope you get to quilt today!