Saturday, March 11, 2017

Jen and Jan's Mini Blog Hop

I was asked by Janice Holton over at Color Creating and Quilting to participate in a mini quilt blog hop!  The free pattern is adorable, but I admit that I am more of an appliquer than a piecer.  It's not that I can't piece it's just that sometimes I find applique faster.

I also decided to make a mini mini quilt.  It was supposed to be 16 by 16, but mine is only 8 by 8.  I dug into my new box of Island Batiks fabrics I received as an Island Batik Ambassador and had a blast playing!

I knew the house had to be purple.  When I was little my favorite color was purple and I just wanted to live in a purple house.  There was one in the next town over that was lavender and I got excited every time we drove by!

Above is detail of my tree.  I didn't feel like finding a leaf fabric so I just quilted leaves inside it and lots of brown lines on the trunk.

Since I love to applique I knew I wanted to make an applique quilt for the clothes line.  This little quilt measures 2 1/8 inches total.  Those orange peels are only 1/2 inch!  It was fun to play with the design.  I find my self coming back to it again and again.

I am ready for spring so I had to quilt in some flowers.

And my purple house complete with quilted in curtains in the windows and brick quilting on the chimney.

The back with all the quilting.  It's fun to see over that fun batik print!

Here are the rest of the participants.  They're so fun to see.

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I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Now that quilt on the washing line is what I call a mini, and such a attention to detail. I love the batiks, the way the grass grows long at the back, and how you added your tree too. There are so many little finishing touches and the back is a delight, it's gorgeous.

  2. I love your spin on this! Everything looks so believable. Your tree and that clothes line is a lovely touch and your mini mini quilt well that's just ridiculously cute...well done

  3. Precious, and love the beautiful quilting!

  4. Love your tree! The quilting is wonderful! Thank you, Susan

  5. Hi Suzy! I'm an Island Batik Ambassador too and I have to say the batiks look perfect in your mini! I love working with them. And the details you added are so cute--the tree, the flowers, the curtains... they really add something special. Can't believe you made this only 8"! Ha! I guess you love challenges. Can't believe that super mini orange peel quilt. I'm in awe!

  6. Now THAT'S a tiny mini hanging on the line! So cute. I just love the variety in all of these mini quilts.

  7. Love your personal touches! The detail on the quilting is amazing, and knowing how small you made it makes it even more so. There was a purple house in my neighborhood growing up and it even had a purple fence. We always rode our bikes by hoping to see the "purple lady". :) Thanks for joining us!

  8. Suzy! That is incredible! All the details are wonderful but my two favorite are the tree quilting and the tiny little orange peel quilt. Outstanding! Thanks so much for joining in and putting your delightful spin on this design. :)

  9. I love your embroidered tree and flowers! It adds a special touch. :)

  10. Batiks are some of my favorite fabric to work with. Your quilt looks fantastic, and your thread painting is wonderful.

  11. Love, love, love the seed mini quilt - adorable! Well done!

  12. Fun, fun! I can not believe the number of people in this hop that color outside the lines!! Myself included. I love your changes and add ons, and do love that batik, too.

  13. wow this is so fun and wonderful. I love the purple house and all the little additions. and your applique quilt is so sweet

  14. And here the rest of us thought a 4 inch mini in a 16 inch quilt was tiny. This is exquisite! I love every tiny detail.

  15. Your mini mini is so cute! I love the tree, and the purple house!

  16. Wow from upsizing to downsizing, so fascinating to see! I love tiny things too, but THAT is micro-tiny! Great quilting!

  17. Your little quilt is really little, and I love did a great job on the whole little quilt..

  18. I love your tree! I too felt that it needed a tree in the yard :) Your quilting and flowers are just marvelous :)

  19. That really is small! Love the teeny tiny quilt on the line - and your meticulous quilting! Beautiful!

  20. I love the colors that you chose! Your quilting looks terrific, too!