Tuesday, July 27, 2021

It's A Guy Thing Blog Hop

I was thinking about what to create for the It's A Guy Thing Blog Hop for Carol of Just Let Me Quilt and couldn't decide what to make.  Finally, it hit me...bugs!  Getting rid of bugs is for boys!  I don't mind getting rid of ladybugs or flies or those kinds of things, but creepy bug removal is definitely a guy thing.

I had a great time playing with colors for my creepy bug.  I found a great Island Batik background and fabrics.  And leftover Tula Pink piping.

Ta da!  Bug done.  I am excited to hang this cute little guy in my first grade classroom and see what they have to say.  

I hope you get to quilt today!

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  1. That is one cute bug, but if he were actually in my house, yes my guy would have to evict him.

  2. Cute and creepy bug! My 7 year old approves! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ha, ha, ha, too funny! He looks like the bugs that used to be in those Raid commercials! Best place for a big bug --- stitched down in place on a quilt!

  4. lol yes getting rid of bugs is definitely a man task in my house! Your wall hanging is so much fun!

  5. Most bugs don't bother me, and while this one is too cute on fabric...I wouldn't want a real bug like that in my house. A guy would definitely have to take care of getting it out. LOL!!!!!

  6. Seriously, this bug is so adorable and a bit creepy...love it! The fabrics totally make it all pop. Great job! Thanks for sharing and hopping with us.

  7. He's so cute, Suzy!! Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. How creative are you!!! I love him and he is a bug I would keep - but you are right - the others are for boys to get rid of!!!!

  9. That is a bug just too cute to exterminate. :) Mind you, with that evil little grin, he might be up to a LOT of trouble.

  10. Love the teeth and the colors!

  11. Wowza! Love your bug, who doesn't look all that creepy to me. Now spiders are a completely different thing. . . thanks for sharing!

  12. What a funny little creature for the Hop!! It's perfect for a little (or big) bug-lover.

  13. oh ut this is wonderful. so cute. when you hang it in your class room it should be fun to see who likes it and who goes "ewww" LOL when I was in 4-H I took entomology. Wow did I have fun learning about different bugs. I lived in the Mojave dessert CA at the time. As a family we moved to Illinois. I continued to add to my collection. Really cool differences between the two states.

  14. That is just sooooo cute and will certainly make for conversation in the classroom.

  15. Instant smiles!!! Love your idea and the wall hanging. What a fun one!

  16. Your bug looks so cheerful. I like it, never thought those words would come out of my mouth about a bug.

  17. Super cute, great fabric choices.

  18. Eee, your bug looks like a Disney villian! LOL it turned out very cute, I hope your class enjoys him.

  19. Bugs and guys - what a perfect combination. I'm not a bug person but your quilt is buggy cute!

  20. aww that's kind of a cute bug though! but yeah, leave it to them to remove bugs.

  21. Love your spin on the topic. He is such a cutie but definitely a guy thing.

  22. Now that’s definitely a Guy thing…dealing with bugs. Bet your students are going to enjoy this bug; boys or girls! 😉