Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Island Batik Holiday Runner

Ever had one of those days where you missed a word and it was totally important?  I so did this month on my Island Batik Ambassador challenge.  It said a holiday runner.  No problem.  I had fun designing this one that looks like interlocking wreathes.  I made it, quilted it, bound it, and THEN realized that the project was to include applique.  Oops.  

So here is a beautiful runner made with a gorgeous red batiks, a dotty background, and a bunch of different Christmas greens.  All the pieces were cut using my Accuquilt GO! Big Electric cutter and my 8" Qube set.  It also has my favorite Hobbs 80/20 Cotton/Poly blend inside.

I started my quilting process by picking out some gorgeous Aurifil threads to go along with the runner.  I chose a 50 weight red and cream and a 28 weight green so my stitching would really show up on all the different green fabrics.

I started by quilting the red squares with a long diagonal squiggle.

When I got to a double wide square I did half the pattern in one direction and half the pattern in the other direction so that I could easily continue the pattern.

For the green I decided to make some loops coming up from each red square.  Then on the isde I did a squiggle to really compact the green.

In some places the green squiggle got taller to help fill the space as shown below.  I am so glad I picked the thicker thread because you can really see it.

For the cream I decided to do some large scale feathers.  I wanted to play around with incorporating a variety of styles so I did some curls at the end and some micro feathers around the edges.

In the center I made a dot and then quilted feathers coming out of it towards the top and bottom.  It looks kind of like a Christmas swag, doesn't it?

I made similar motifs in the corners as well.  To fill the space all the way to the edge I did a 3/16" outline around the feathers all the way to the edge.

Done!  I can see this with three pretty candles on it (not lit of wax on my runner!) or a pretty poinsettia plant.

And of course it needed to be photographed in a pine tree!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. This is awesome and your quilting is soooo goood. I hate when I miss the important parts of the directions - although I sometimes wonder if elves sneak things in when I am not looking! You should be thrilled with your gorgeous finish!

  2. Love the quilting and your runner is awesome. If you really HAD to do a wee bit of applique, I would applique a red or green dot in the center of your quilted flowers!! I am working on a table runner and I've had to go back to the store twice to buy the same fabric because I can't seem to read the cutting directions!

  3. You know what -- you could add just a touch of applique right in the center of that center quilting, like a little yo-yo, or a bunch of holly. Or you could just leave it as is, because it's lovely!

  4. FAbulous!!!! Love your quilting as well.