Thursday, July 11, 2019

Island Batik Ambassadors Artsy Fartsy Challenge with Aurifil Threads

I love being an Island Batik Ambassador!  This month's challenge is the Artsy Fartsy challenge and we were challenged to use at least three different weights of Aurifil thread.  I decided I wanted to use the same needle for all the threads to see what happened.  I decided on a size 90 Microtex needle.  I used a regular Aurifil 50 weight in the bobbin for all the flowers as well.  The only one where I needed a larger size needle was the 12 weight thread.

I decided I wanted a piece where I could play with the different threads and then refer back to it as I want to use them in the future.  It's always fun playing around and testing out new things.

Each Island Batik Ambassador was given an Accuquilt Ready Set GO! box this year so I decided to use my cutter and a new die since I'm now an Accuquilt GO! Getter.  I have this fabulous flower die to try out.

Such pretty flower centers.  I decided the outsides of the flowers would be done with thread.

Once I'd cut it out I had this left.  I decided to cut a very narrow flower out of the leftovers because it was just too pretty to throw away.

So cute!

Here are all my pieces cut and ready to play with.

Final layout.

 I decided to fill the outline flowers with thread.  Here is 40 weight.

28 weight.

 More 28 weight because I was having such fun.  I love this thread and I can't wait to use it more!

12 weight thread.  Next time I use it I will need a 100 or 110 needle.

80 weight thread! 

28 weight thread.

50 weight thread.

Here's the final piece.  While I love it, you really can't see the flowers.  What to do....add color!

Yes!  I love it.

I have a set of Fabrico fabric markers to use...

...and it was way too fun!

Thank you Island Batik and Aurifil and Accuquilt!  That was too fun.

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Wow - you really brought those flowers to life with the thread and the markers. Sweet project!!

  2. I think you came up with a great way to play and experiment with the different threads, Suzy! I've never worked with fabric markers, but that looks like fun!

  3. This is such a wonderful and playful piece!

  4. What you did with those fabric markers is genius! You could also add some bedazzle or bead bling, but maybe that’s getting too carried away