Saturday, February 3, 2018

Four Dazzlers - How I Pin (Yes, It's Excessive)

This is how I pin pieces.  I pin the start and end. When I have an intersection that includes a triangle, I double pin.  I stick a pin in vertically and then put one pin on top and one of bottom of that vertical pin.  This really holds the fabric right where I want it to be.  I then mark with a mechanical pencil a line to make sure I sew exactly where I want to.

Here you can see the line.  Yup, it's tedious, but I do it while listening to TV. 

A beautiful piece cut with the Accuquilt Go.  Gosh did that make it faster to cut and more accurate!

Blocks are getting assembled.

And a finished block!  I love how the blue stands out and the orange sparkles.

Come back Wednesday for more on this project!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. This block looks great! Love the color combo.

  2. I used to ignore the suggestion of using pins and of course I lost many points and things just never lined up right. Now I pin and double pin as needed. Your block looks amazing and so worth the extra time spent pinning.