Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Quiltville Mystery - On Ringo Lake Clue 1 (and a GO! cutter tip)

I've watched the Quiltville Mystery for the last two years, but haven't joined in. However, Bonnie Hunter had me with her colors this year.  I love coral and aqua together!

I had a bunch of random cream scraps I was able to cut into squares using mom's AMAZING GO BIG! Cutter from Accuquilt.  What an amazing gadget!  I am looking forward to using it again soon.  I've thought about buying my own....but she's three blocks, so what's the point?  I can share.

This time I learned a new trick from mom.  To cut one strip form each fabric, I lined them up.  Then overlapped it on the cutter to get one strip.  Then I rolled up the part that stuck off.

I then put it through the cutter....

(Here's the proof)

And got my strips without a lot of waste!  Who knew?  Mom's are amazing.

Then I cut my squares.

And then mom showed me how to do it using folding instead of scissors....(I'm using batiks, she's using prints).

Ta da!  Lots of lovely blocks.

I can't wait until Friday for the next clue.  I know what I'm doing this weekend.

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. I'm a big Bonnie fan and have learned to use the colors she suggests...due to an epic fail on my part, one time! LOL!! I must say, its been a great way to get out of my "box" with color. I look forward to working with something different ever year. Love your GO tricks. I need to work more with mine I see. :-)

  2. It's going to be beautiful. Would love to join but just can't take the time right now to do it.

  3. Great strategy for making your own jellyroll. Smart Mom!