Friday, November 11, 2016

Free Motion Friday - Echoed Tears

I usually try to stay a few weeks ahead on my blog.  At least the stitching and pictures are done if the post itself isn't written.  Not so much today!  It's 7:42 on Thursday evening and I just did the stitching.  I am calling this design Echoed Tears because that's what it reminds me of.

You can find the directions for this design here.

Start by stitching in the ditch around your block.  Then make a single tear drop 1 1/2 - 2 inches in length.

Make a tiny teardrop at the base of the larger one.  Then echo that tiny teardrop back and forth all the way to the top.

When you're done echoing it should look like this.  Backtrack along the side back to the base of the teardrop.

Echo the outside of the tear drop twice about 1/4" or so away from the original.  If you echo it three times you will end up on the other side if that makes stitching your next teardrop easier.

Sometimes you simply don't have enough space.  Here you can see a 1/2 teardrop next to the edge of the block.  I followed the same process as a full teardrop, I simply did 1/2 the shape.

Keep adding teardrops starting between two existing ones.  You can see to the left and behind the needle that there isn't a whole lot of space left.  You can simply do a partial teardrop with the space you have or you can make a smaller teardrop.

Here you can see that I chose to make a much smaller teardrop to fill the space.

Sometimes you'll end up with a little extra space between tear drops.  If you look to the left and slightly behind the needle you can see that I added a few extra echo lines to fill the space.

And once the whole rectangle is full it's a very flowy design.  I like it and I know I'll use it!

I've been posting pictures I took at International Quilt Festival Houston in my Machine Applique Adventures Facebook group!  Come check it out.

I hope you get to quilt today!

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