Wednesday, November 11, 2015

An Unexpected Tablerunner

I had already traced the fusible patterns for this block that I was originally planning to use in Blog Quilt #1.  It didn't work out in that quilt, but since I already had the fusible traced I figured I should make the blocks.

I picked a pale blue batik to use as a background and then started picking fabrics.  The inner "x" piece is a fantastic batik with circular patterns.  They look great cut into an x.  Then I started trying to decide what went behind the x:

Too dark!

Just Right!  It allows the fabric in the "x" to shine.

Now to decide on the curves.  I like this fabric.

Blue dots?  They don't really do much.

Lavender?!  It brings out the lavender in the "x" fabric and makes the block sparkle.  I love it!

Now to blanket-stitch it!  I've decided to call this project Unexpected Tablerunner.

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