Thursday, January 12, 2023

100 Days of Scrappy Patchwork Day 9

This block has a standout navy blue star.  It also features a lot of squares in the corners.  There's nothing like the accuracy of my Accuquilt GO! 5" Qubes or the beauty of my Island Batik scraps!

Here is where I started.  I knew I wanted those particular fabrics in the corners.  I also knew I wanted to use the big yellow triangles.  I tried dark blue or light lavender pieces to go with the big yellow triangles and decided the dark blue ones worked better because the lavender was just too light.  The green on the bottom didn't work either because it just wasn't enough contrast from the other pieces.

 Liking this.  Now what to do with the center?

At one point I did consider flipping the blue points outwards.  I decided I wanted to see the star more and switched it back.  I also like this center as I think it brings out the darker part of the yellow triangles.

You can see below that I added a little darker green micro triangles to the center.  I like how they help your eye flow out to the lighter green squares.

I hope you get to quilt today!

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