Monday, March 22, 2021

Island Batik Ambassador's March Scrapbuster Challenge

This month the Island Batik Ambassadors were challenged to make a scrap quilt.  I have this habit of cutting up all my leftover Island Batik scraps into 1 1/2" squares using my Accuquilt GO BIG cutter.  I often use these in very mixed color projects.  However, upon looking at the squares I had cut at the beginning of this project I discovered I had an abnormally large amount of yellow squares.  I decided I wanted to make a quilt using yellow and red with a gray background.  I have always loved yellow and red color combinations.   

When I did the math on this project I discovered I needed just over 1,000 yellow squares.  Here they are all cut!

First block all laid out!  I had been wanting to make a quilt using the churn dash block for a while.  I decided to make it up of all squares, but keep the traditional triangle corners.

This is how I laid out my yellow squares in pairs.  I love Alex Anderson's Quilters Select rulers. When you use the back side with the grippiness to lay out pieces they stay still for transport!

With all these small pieces I knew I needed to pin, pin, pin....and then sew with my favorite Aurifil thread and Schmetz Microtex needles.

This quilt has eight different types of blocks in it.  The red fabric provides a nice visual pop.

Now it was time to quilt!  Oh did I have fun.  In the outer triangles I made a series of large curls and then added feathers to them in some places.  I used my favorite Hobbs batting of course.  This time I used their 100% cotton.

In the red fabric I made large sweeping feathers since I knew it would be hard to see any intricate quilting.  It's also a good way to go into all those points.

In the yellow spaces I did simple continuous curve all in the same yellow thread.  This helped to tie together all the different yellow fabrics.  In the center gray "x" I did a large swirl and the rest of the gray got a small meander.

Ta da!  All done.  I love how regal this quilt feels to me.  Such fun!

I love scrap to figure out the next one!

I hope you get to quilt today!


  1. Beautiful, absolutely beautiful quilting!!!

  2. Love this and all the fun you had with it!

  3. WOW! This is stunning, and I agree with regal. I'm amazed at how many 1 1/2" inch squares you have in this--very impressive!

  4. Cheerful quilt, beautifully quilted.