Friday, January 5, 2018

Free Motion Friday - Japanese Fans

I'll admit it.  I am totally sucked into my current show quilt (which I can't show you yet) and the Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt On Ringo Lake (I'll show you that tomorrow), so what to post today?  Well, the quilt on the wall behind my couch in my living room seemed like something fun I haven't shared.  It's about 10 years old.

I have an entire stack of Asian fabric I fell in love with.  Ask me how many quilts I've made with're looking at it.  Just this one.  I have a lot of Asian fabric aging nicely in my closet.  

I had fun quilting pagodas in the corners.

See the beads in the very corner?  they cover up some not so nice quilting.  It took a little time, but made a big difference.  All the fans have this detail.

Around the center circle are twelve cranes.  They are each trapuntoed.  Unfortunately, their beaks are rather skinny and hard to see.

In the outer border I had fun with a sashiko pattern.  Sashiko is a traditional Japanese needle art usually done in white thread on indigo.  If you Google it, you'll find lots of familiar quilting patterns.

The center of this is a trapuntoed Japanese family crest.  I have no idea which one, but I really like it.  When I first sewed the background fill behind it my tension was really off.  The only good part is that it was so loose I could just pull it right out!

I hope you get to quilt today!